Visual Identity

No matter if your corporate identity program’s focus is the logo of a new product or the complete change of your company’s branding strategy, Decorporate has the expertise, passion, and talent to do things the right way. Our team is committed to finding original, vibrant and culturally relevant solutions to help the brand truly connect to the targeted audience.

Stationery and Marketing Collateral

Decorporate starts the development of your materials, joining its remarkable creative force with the ability of its copywriters to absorb and create commercial messages. From the positioning of the company to the product documentation, sales kit CDs and presentation leaflets, Decorporate has experience in creating clear, convincing, and efficient marketing and sales materials.

Packaging Design

The packages we create must, on one hand, clearly communicate the brand benefits, secure a maximum impact, be user-friendly, and protect the product, and, on the other hand, they should express the brand essence, its position and personality, and be visibly attractive to the customers. Decorporate considers this service as a key element of the brand identity.

Environmental Branding

Our production solutions, along with our creative services, provide a great flexibility in creating outstanding deliverables, such as: corporate indoor and outdoor decorations for office spaces, complete solutions for office signage projects, customized stands and support materials for events and complete POS solutions and support materials in the retail market.

Support Items for Events

Starting from the understanding of your objectives regarding the participation to a certain fair and the research of the target audience, we will help you come up with a memorable attendance. We will create a concept that will come to life through elements such as: stand, promotional materials, presentation, contests, promotional campaigns.

Promotional Items, Custom Kits & Handcrafted Products

Our efforts are focused on finding constantly innovating solutions applied to classic themes. Innovation, when it really exists, is always based on reinventing and reinterpreting a classic theme. Many things rely on the added value of a promotional item: the stake of its positioning, its penetration power or its capacity to transmit a message: simple and objective.

Print and Outdoor Campaigns

The creation and media teams work together to find innovative ways that generate greater impact and superior ROI. Our team includes talented copywriters that have the ability to put sense into words, the capacity and expertise to use written communication in order to highlight the competitive edge of a company, its key messages or the benefits of certain services or products.