Legal Terms

  1. Definitions for the purpose of these terms and conditions:
    • Cracking or hacking means the unauthorized bypassing of the user log in service or other security services afferent to any network, server, web server or user account.
    • Attacks like Denial of Service mean the interference with the Service, relating to any user, network or server.
    • The Service means the provision of access to data and information transmitted by DECORPORATE and its suppliers to customers via Internet, with the support of this website,
    • Trade marks means that the name “DECORPORATE”, irrespective of its representation, including brushed-up representations, all the logos and associated symbols, and combinations of these with any word or graphic symbol used on this website are registered trade marks of DECORPORATE or any of the associated companies.
  2. DECORPORATE obligations
    • DECORPORATE and its suppliers will not be responsible for any loss of data or information as a result of delays, unprocessed or undelivered orders caused by events that are not under DECORPORATE’s or its suppliers’ control or by omission errors of the user. DECORPORATE and its suppliers do not warrant or suggest in any way that:
      a) the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free
      b) potential defects will be corrected
      c) the Service or the server making it available for users are free of viruses or any other components that may be harmful to the user and cannot be responsible for any action undertaken on the basis of that respective information or of the Service.
    • In no event will DECORPORATE be liable for any direct or indirect losses arising of or in connection to your use of the Service or its performance, the use of this website or other websites in connection to this one.
    • DECORPORATE liability (if established by a court of law or a court of arbitration) in the event of a deed resulted in any other way from or in connection to the provision of services in accordance to this contract is limited in the case of each event or in the case of each series of several events to 100 US$.
  3. Inappropriate Use and Liability
    • The Client agrees to use the Service only for lawful purposes. The Client commits that:
      a) he will not modify, copy, disseminate, transmit, post, publish, reproduce, grant licenses, create byproducts, transfer or sell any kind of information or services obtained from or via this website;
      b) will not allow (and will not authorize) a third party to use the Service or DECORPORATE’s telecommunications network to send or receive any material that infringes any law or legal provision in force, that is of obscene nature, threatening, aggressive or defamatory;
      c) will not undertake (and will not allow) cracking or hacking activities or attacks such as “Denial of Service”. The users that violate the systems or networks security can be sued at courts of law and may face civil and penal lawsuits;
    • The Client agrees to exonerate and to refrain from suing DECORPORATE at law in relation to any claim made by a third party as a result of the use of the Service, DECORPORATE’s communications network, and the Internet by the Client, as well as in relation to any damage (direct, indirect, consequential or any other kind of damage), costs, actions, lawsuits, claims, damages or expenses (including legal expenses) or any liabilities suffered or directly caused by DECORPORATE as a follow-up to the violation or the ignoring of these terms and conditions by the user.
    • The payment of all the additional expenditures related to the use of Service, including those for the provision of the telephone or Internet services that may be required is the sole responsibility of the Client.
  4. Security
    • The Client acknowledges that DECORPORATE cannot control or offer any kind of suggestions, warranties or conditions regarding the security or the content of the information passing through its communications network, through Internet or through the Service.
    • The Client acknowledges that the services are available on the Internet and that, even if DECORPORATE endeavors to maintain the information secure, it does not warrant that the information sent or received by the Client by using the service will be permanently secure.
  5. Links to other Networks or Third Parties
    • The Service can be used by the Client to find various information posted by DECORPORATE on the Web, to connect to other Networks or websites worldwide. The Client commits to observe the terms of use of those respective networks or websites. The Client accepts the fact that DECORPORATE does not control those websites, is not responsible or liable for other websites, any link within those websites or the content therein.
    • The appearance of links to other websites or networks is only for Client’s convenience and does not indicate DECORPORATE’s endorsement for the content available on or through those websites or networks, nor does it involve any association with their operators. The Client accesses those websites and uses their products and services exclusively at its own risk.
    • DECORPORATE does not warrant that the services or the content provided by third sources are acceptable and available in any part of Romania. If the Client accesses other content or services on the websites of third parties, DECORPORATE is not liable for the observance by the Client of the local laws or other legal provisions in force in those respective countries.
  6. Personal data
    • By entering this website you agree to the fact that DECORPORATE has the right to collect the name and other Client related data resulted as a follow-up to the use of the Service by the Client, in a computerized database with the following purposes:
      a) for DECORPORATE to use that data for sales and marketing purposes;
      b) to prevent or detect crimes or frauds;
      c) DECORPORATE may provide the data collected from the Client to other services or products providers which, in DECORPORATE’s opinion, may be of interest for the Client;
    • The purposes for which DECORPORATE may use this data and the persons the data may be provided to are presented in detail under the Rules of Privacy chapter.
  7. Miscellanea
    • Changes in these terms and conditions – DECORPORATE can modify these terms and conditions within certain periods without personally notifying the Client. Such changes will be brought to Client’s attention by posting them on the website. The changes operated in this manner are considered to be accepted by the Client if the Client continues to use the Service after the changes have been published on the website.
    • Force Majeure – DECORPORATE does not take responsibility for its impossibility to fulfill the obligations under these terms and conditions as a result to any circumstance outside its control, including, but without limiting to unexpected events, unfavorable weather conditions, Government’s action or inaction, of other networks or competent authorities for whom DECORPORATE is not responsible.
    • Jurisdiction – This website (excluding the websites of the third parties linked therein) is controlled by DECORPORATE. By entering this website, the Client accepts that this contract and any related litigation are governed by and interpreted in accordance to Romanian legislation and the Client agrees to comply with the exclusive jurisdiction of the tribunals of Romania. This website can be accessed from anywhere in Romania and abroad. DECORPORATE does not warrant that the content of this website observes the laws (including intellectual property ones) of other countries except Romania. If the Client accesses this website from outside Romania, this is done at his own risk and he is the sole responsible for the abiding of the laws governing the territory whereby he is at that moment.
    • Privacy – DECORPORATE does not warrant that the use of this website by the Client will be confidential. DECORPORATE is not liable for any damage suffered by the Client or any other person as a result of the confidentiality regarding the use of this website by the Client. Any information disclosed by the Client on the website may not be safe while transmitted via the Internet. Third parties may be able to intercept the transmissions made by the Client when using this website. Some services accessed by the Client on this website enable the Client to receive personal data. If the Client uses certain types of mobile phones, the information by which DECORPORATE identifies the caller’s number will be transmitted via the Internet. This will happen even if the Client canceled the “Show caller ID” function on his own mobile phone.
  8. Accepting the terms
    • The Client accepts to adhere to these terms and conditions. The Client confirms having read these terms and conditions. The use of the Service by the Client involved the unconditioned acceptance of these terms and conditions.
    • In case you disagree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.